by:  Motor Werks Racing - PATENT PENDING Technology

by: Motor Werks Racing - PATENT PENDING Technology

1.8T Porsche Boxster /Cayman Engine Conversion for 986 & 987

"Boxster Reinvented" Boxster TURBO

Engineered to Perform!

The 5 valve Turbo engine has proven it's reliability in a wide range of racing applications including DTM, Touring Series & Rally. 

While being a technological marvel with it's twin cam 5 valve per cylinder platform, this engine offers great performance & efficiency tightly wrapped in a very compact 1.8 liter package. 

It's simplicity of design offers exceptional reliability with hydraulic lifters, single timing belt with automatic tensioning & robust engine internals makes owning one of these Power Houses a smart choice when considering an upgrade or conversion on your 924 / 944 Porsche automobile!

Technological Advancement

   Engine ECU capabilities with expandable & adaptive mapping & compensation OBD II interface with code ready & data logging capabilities, including:

No lift shift pit limiter & anti-lag for large turbo applications

Versatility of use

The 1.8T Conversion offers a wide tune-able range of horse power & torque with Base Packages developing over 250 lbs of torque at a very usable 2,200 RPM and staying relatively flat to almost 6,000 RPM with larger turbo packages generating well over 500 HP with max RPM to 8,500

Comparison By The Numbers

1.8T Engine weighs lbs & produces HP

Boxster / Cayman Engine weighs approx. 459 lbs & produces HP

MWR Engine (stage 1) weighs 226 lbs & produces HP

MWR Engines Up-gradable To a Reliable 600+HP

(three  power stages available for both Street & Track applications)

We are Performing complete installations in house FOR delivery within the United States

Please call us at (770) 886-0686 to discuss pricing details & scheduling, as we receive an overabundance of emails everyday.  We look forward to hearing from you!   


Photos by J. Tony Serna                                                       PATENT PENDING Engine Conversion