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The install kit helps bridge the gap for the the individuals who want to fabricate their own accessories and custom design the remaining components.  Leaving endless opportunities for you to customize your 1.8T engine conversion!

Installation components purely pair the 1.8T 058 engine block with the normally aspirated 944 (1984-1989) and the 924S (1987-1988) torque tube.


Additional models coming soon! 

1.8T Engine Installation Components For Porsche 944/924S  Now Available!

   Introductory pricing $1,695* for the first 50 PRE-ORDERS through June 25th, 2018

Thank you for your orders...  the June 25th Pre-Order is currently SOLD OUT

We have had the pleasure of talking with so many of you regarding our 1.8T engine conversion.  Thank you for reaching out to us and expressing your interest in an install kit.  We listened to your requests and are excited to announce that we are now taking Pre-Orders for our engine install components. 

Our engine install components will include a Patent Pending adapter plate to mate your normally aspirated 944 (1984 - 1989) or 924S (1987 & 1988) to the 1.8T 058 engine block, as well as a custom flywheel.  Both the adapter plate and flywheel will come with a hardware package.  This is everything you will need for the engine pairing as it only contains the necessary parts to mate the engine to the torque tube.

Additional parts & fabrication will be necessary, including but not limited to: intake manifold, sub-frame, exhaust, etc.


The added benefit of these components is that they allow you to utilize your existing 5 speed transmission, bell housing, torque tube, clutch, clutch hydraulics, pressure plate, starter and starter ring.  There is no need to replace any of these parts as they mate with our custom components.

Minimum of 50 Pre-Orders by June 25th, 2018.

"SOLD OUT", Thank you for your orders!

Fill out the form below & submit to receive the introductory Pre-Order pricing of $1,695* - offer ends 6/25/18.

  • 50% Deposit due with pre-order - invoice will follow within 48 hours of placing order
  • Paypal & checks accepted for Pre-Ordering
  • Estimated shipping is 6 to 7 weeks from end of offer date           
  • Please verify application prior to purchasing as these components are made to order and are non- returnable / non-refundable.
  • All Pre-Orders are for US delivery only.  

*Plus shipping, GA resident sales tax & credit card processing fees where applicable.  Prices are subject to change.

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