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Porsche 944 Gulf Tribute with our 1.8T Engine Conversion

by motor werks racing

See Build Specs below…


1988 Porsche 944 Chassis

6 point roll cage

Fiberglass bumpers, hood, fenders, splitter & flares

968 Mirrors & door handles

Lexan windows

951Rear Diffuser

2,350 lbs


Audi 1.8T 20V with IE forged connecting rods

AEB head with adjustable cam gear

Stainless steel exhaust valves

J & E Pistons

Custom Motor Werks Racing oiling system

K04 Sport with billet compressor wheel & inconel exhaust wheel

315 hp 365 ft. lb. Torque with 7,500 rev limiter

Deka 630 injectors with 3 bar fuel regulator

Custom inter-cooling & inducer pipes

Front mount bar & plate intercooler

Stainless Steel short tube header

986 with cable shift 5 speed gearbox


Late off set 951 spindles & control arms with mono ball inserts

Leda 12 way adjustable shocks

Adjustable camber plates

Adjustable sway bars & drop links

Manual steering conversion with bump steer kit

Custom Motor Werks Racing brake master & booster with bias adjustment

17 x 8.5 Fikse wheels with Hoosier R7 245/ 40 R17 front

17 x 10 Fikse wheels with Hoosier R7 295/ 35 R17 Rear

Photos by: J. Tony Serna

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