Porsche 924 GTP Lowenbrau Tribute

by Motor Werks Racing

Our team hand built this exquisite example of the Porsche 924 GTP off of a 1981 924 Turbo.  She is now draped in original factory Al Holbert fiber- glass body work.  Blending Classic Style with a Modern Edge, this GTP has been extensively modified & now rests on 997 cup control arms, sub-frames & suspension and boasts a plethora of heavy hitting Motorsport upgrades: including GT3 Center Lock Hubs & Wheels, 996 Cup front & 997 GT3 Rear Brakes.  This 2.1 Liter engine is mated to a cable shift Cayman gearbox with 485 RWHP & 1900 LBS and powered by our 1.8 T Engine Conversion!

Photos by: J. Tony Serna

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